Wednesday, June 25

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

First we heard this morning that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed had its release date moved to August instead of early summer. If this news was not grim enough for fans who originally thought it was coming out in April and were waiting impatiently for the game, later we heard that this news was not entirely accurate. Once again, hopes started to soar… only later to be shot down in flames.

Activision put the August rumors out to pasture and instead officially confirmed that it will be making its way to North American retailers in September. Gaming Today, along with numerous other gaming sites were well aware that it would be here sometime this summer, yet the news that it was being moved to September (which is late summer) has been the case for a few months now without any exact date given to us. But it is now official, The Force Unleashed will be here sometime around September 9th.

Keep your ears open and eyes peeled though, because when a release date changes this much, you never know when it might change again, but hopefully it won’t.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailer

Star Wars The Force Unleashed [The Story - Spoiler!]

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