Tuesday, June 10

BMW GINA Light Visionary concept revealed

As promised earlier, BMW has unveiled its revolutionary GINA Light Visionary Model concept, which features a shell made entirely of cloth.

At first this may seem like a very strange and irrelevant innovation, however both the aestheic and functional applications are quite staggering.

The oddly named GINA stands for Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptions, not quite the most eloquent abbreviation.
The two-seater roadster has an almost entirely seamless outer skin created by overlaying a flexible textile cover that stretches across a moveable substructure.
Crasworthiness is also handled by this underlying substructure, meaning the design possibilites for the outer shape are endless.
Individual features such as the headlights and kidney grille are revealed only when they are needed and are otherwised hidden under the special fabric cover. As soon as the driver turns on the lights or additional cooling is needed, the contour of the front end changes.
Similarly, the rear spoiler lifts at a certain speed for added down force whilst maintaining the shape of the rear end and concealing the mechanical components.
Due to the translucent properties of the outer skin, brake lamps and turn signals are revealed only when they are illuminated.
While this dry-cleanable concept is likely never to see production, familiarities with the M1 Homage concept are undeniable and could still hint toward BMW ressurecting its pinnacle performance car.

Thanks to: Ionutz

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