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Half Life 2 - The Movie

Dragi gameri, azi s-a dat liber la visat... si cum un vis frumos, este acela care ne-ar place sa credem ca va deveni si realitate, haideti sa visam impreuna la HALF LIFE 2 - THE MOVIE. Va asigur ca nu sunteti singuri, sunt multi care viseaza ca acest lucru sa devina realitate, asa ca nah.. daca noi comunitatea gamerilor, ne-am gandit... SIERRA - VALVE, de ce nu ar face-o? Eu am dus visul un pic mai departe si am cautat pe youtube si un trailer la ceea ce se vrea a fi Half Life - The Movie, si ghiciti ce? Am si gasit!

Half-Life Movie Teaser

Half Life: The Movie trailer

Half Life fan movie trailer

Unii chiar au si vazut actorii ce pot juca in rolurile principale:
What If They Made A Half-Life 2 Movie
written by Jennifer Park on Friday, November 12, 2004

Hey, we know the Half-Life 2 game has some killer voices from such acting talents as Benson’s Robert Guillaume as Dr. Eli Vance and Lou Gossett, Jr. as Vortigaunt. But, if Half-Life 2 is made into a movie it’ll need some blockbuster talent – sorry Benson.
Here are my picks for who should be cast in the Half-Life 2 made-up movie.

Character: Gordon Freeman
Actor: Edward Norton
Gordon Freeman is a former Black Mesa researcher who had to transform himself into a one man army in order to battle it out with the bad guys. Put some dark-rimmed glasses on Edward Norton and you got yourself Gordon Freeman. Think back to such movies as Fight Club and American History X, and you’ll realize that Mr. Norton is perfect for the role. He’s got a nerdy, yet bad-ass quality that is sure to scare the hell outta those creepy creatures.

Character: G-Man
Actor: Christopher Walken
We can only assume that the G-Man is more friend than foe to Gordon Freeman ever since Gordon started working for him. But, the G-Man still seems pretty shady and scary to me. That’s why Christopher Walken would be ideal for the role. Walken’s got that mysterious (and creepy) look about him that makes you think he’s up to something sinister, even when he’s cast in Disney’s The Country Bears.

Character: Eli Vance
Actor: Danny Glover
Eli Vance is a former Black Mesa scientist that didn’t escape from Black Mesa in one piece -- he left a huge chunk of his leg behind. Lethal Weapon’s Danny Glover would be perfect for the role of Eli, especially after seeing him in the low-budget, horror flick Saw. Let’s just say he wouldn’t mind hobbling around in Half-Life 2 after being in that flick.

Character: Alyx Vance
Actress: Rosario Dawson
Alyx is the daughter of Eli Vance and plays a pretty important role in Half-Life 2. She’s kinda like Gordon’s sidekick, and Gordon will definitely be glad to have her on his side. Rosario Dawson would make a kick-ass Alyx because she’s got the look, and heck she’s already starred in a movie with Edward Norton (25th Hour) so we know they have great onscreen chemistry.

Character: Barney Calhoun
Actor: Colin Farrell
Barney Calhoun is the former Black Mesa security guard who managed to defy death in Blue Shift and somehow pop up in City 17 with Gordon. Colin Farrell would make a decent Barney Calhoun. He can most certainly pull off the part thanks to similar roles in S.W.A.T. and The Recruit. The only prob would be getting him to stop swearing and smoking till the film wraps.

Character: Dr. Kleiner
Actor: Ed Harris
Dr. Kleiner was Gordon's former professor at MIT and the very same guy who got him the job at Black Mesa. And, I could be wrong, but he also looks just like Pollock’s Ed Harris – black rimmed glasses and all. With such films as Apollo 13, Beautiful Mind, and don’t forget Milk Money, how could it go wrong.

Character: Father Grigory
Actor: Jean Reno
A new character for Half-Life 2 is Father Grigory who is known around town as a Survivalist monk. When he’s not praying, he's setting up booby traps to kill Combine Soldiers – and any other enemy that gets in his way. The Professional’s Jean Reno would make a good Father Grigory purely for the fact that he looks like him. And, if he can play a hitman, why not a killer-crazy monk.

Character: Dr. Judith Mossman
Actress: Cate Blanchett
Dr. Judith Mossman is Eli Vance's research partner (not Alyx's mother who died in Black Mesa). She is also the only scientist in the group who was never part of Black Mesa and has never met Gordon Freeman before City 17. Aussie Cate Blanchett is a diverse actress that can play anything from Queen Elizabeth to Queen of the Elves; this will be a walk in the park for her.

Character: Dr. Breen
Actor: Sean Connery
Dr. Breen has been seen on the large screens in City 17 spewing out Pro-Combine propaganda, so I’m thinking he must be a new enemy of Gordon's. I’m not too familiar with this guy yet, but he looks like Sean Connery with the white hair and beard. And with such flops as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I'm sure Mr. Connery will be dying to jump on the Half-Life 2 bandwagon… that is if he’s still alive by then.

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