Thursday, June 12

Second Person

In late 2001, singer Julia Johnson and producer/bassist Mark Maclaine met, and early the following year formed the band Second Person. Drummer Álvaro López was recruited in mid 2004 to complete the current line up and their debut album Chromatography was released later that year. It went on to sell out of its initial white-label run in United Kingdom, USA and Australia through word of mouth and publicity generated by musical placements on documentaries and extreme sports films. The band went on to record a live DVD at the The Bedford in London and score music for a number of British broadcasters (including BBC and Channel 4) and are one of the main suppliers of music for the international broadcaster: The Extreme Sports Channel.

The band released their new album The Elements on 9th August 2007, it was co-produced and mixed by producer/engineer Tony Platt (Bob Marley, Iron Maiden and also credited with engineering the second biggest selling album of all time: AC/DC's Back in Black). This album has already gained a high media profile in the UK as Second Person are the first British band to have raised the $50,000 target on Sellaband - which allows fans to invest directly in bands on the site.

The band have written a follow-up album to The Elements and will be titled "Come to Dust". This full length album will include the songs such as Gone Fishing, the video for which (directed by Katy Davis) has already gained play on MTV and is currently being used as part of Cobra Beer's sponsorship of ITV movies in the UK. Many of the videos for this album are either completed or currently in production, and video directors include: Ebba Erikzon (Radiohead's "2+2=5" video), Mina Song (Gnarls Barkley: "Crazy"), Everton Sebben, Ben King, Susan Luciani and Andy Marshall.

The band are currently scoring the music for the British feature film City Rats which stars Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan and is due out mid 2008.

"Gone Fishing" by Second Person

"Wood" by Second Person

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