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Atari Teenage Riot

Noapte linistita? NO WAY! pentru ca va administrez noize pur, noize nascut ca o replica la puternica miscare neo-nazi din techno-ul din '93 din germania. Asadar ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, pentru voi .. cui nu-i place nu se uita/ nu asculta. Enjoy!

Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution Action (Banned Version)

Atari Teenage Riot - Rage

Atari Teenage Riot - Deutschland (Has Gotta Die) At DHR Stud

Cand am ascultat pentru prima oara ATR (Atari Teenage Riot), am stiut din prima ca este vorba despre: ジャンルを越えた活動やコラボレーションを続けるドイツ・ベルリン出身のアレックエンパイアが主宰するデジタル・ハードコア・レコーディング(DHR) の看板バンド。92年にレコード屋の店員だったアレックは客として来たカールと共感を得て一緒に音楽をすることに。その後 アレックがハニンを誘い3人でATARI TEENAGE RIOT(以下、ATR)を結成。積極的にライブ活動を行い97年に初来日を果たす。同年の7月には台風の中、Fuji Rock Festival'97に参戦。その頃よりアレックとハニン、カールの3人MCスタイルを確立し、バックのサウンドを担うことがアレックだけでは難しくなってしまったため、ニックエンドウがATRに正式参加することになった。
ATRが活発になるにつれて、同レーベルのEC8OR、SHIZUOといったDHRアーティストが注目され全盛期を迎える。99年の3枚目のアルバム「60 SECOND WIPE OUT」後、RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE、NINE INCH NAILSと共にツアーを回り破壊的なラディカルなバンドとして認知されるようになるが、2002年6月にカールが永眠。ATRは3人のまま活動休止となった。その後、2002年11月ATRの未発表音源がリリースされた以来、音沙汰なし。

"Atari Teenage Riot (abbreviated ATR) was a German digital hardcore group formed in Berlin in 1992. Highly political, they fused anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi views with punk vocals and the newly emerging techno sound called digital hardcore, which is a term band member Alec Empire used as the name of his record label.

The group was founded as an attack on the increasingly neo-Nazi influenced German techno scene and consisted of three Berliners - Alec Empire, Hanin Elias and MC Carl Crack. ATR's early releases (which included the track "Hetzjagd Auf Nazis!"/"Hunt Down the Nazis!") were surrounded by controversy in Germany due to the prevailing "no politics on the dance floor" attitude.

After signing to Phonogram Records, a major European label, in 1993 the band received an unusually large financial advance which they duplicitously used to set up their own record label: Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR). ATR never delivered a commercially viable demo to Phonogram.

In 1997 ATR was joined by Nic Endo, a Japanese-American noise/soundscape artist during the Beck tour.Their live shows during this time were characterized by violence. An outdoor show in Berlin on May 1st 1999 resulted in the arrests of all of the band members for "inciting violence" after crowds, assembled for an anti-NATO protest, rioted with police (the charges were later dropped). In another incident, a security guard in Brazil was allegedly hospitalized after being beaten by Elias with a microphone. A fan stated in an interview that the guard had grabbed her between the legs as she tried to stage dive.

In 1999 ATR released 60 Second Wipe Out. The album featured a number of guest artists including New York City rappers The Arsonists. According to Magnet Magazine, "Empire's guitar-playing values speed-thrash malevolence, and when paired with Endo's painful skronkage, the album is decidedly denser than its predecessor."

The group effectively disbanded in 2000. Any chance of reformation was eliminated on September 6, 2001 by the death of Carl Crack, who had long struggled with drug addiction. In June 2002, Hanin Elias left DHR to create Fatal Recordings, a label formed exclusively for female artists, similar to her DHR Fatal offshoot label. Empire produced the track "You Suck" for her debut album No Games, No Fun, however in the album's artwork, specifically in a collage of collaborators, Empire's face is blacked out, signifying the end of their professional relationship.

The other half of the band continue to work together. Endo assists in the production of Empire's solo recordings as well as being a key member of his live band. DHR released Atari Teenage Riot: 1992-2000, a collection of the band's best known recordings, on July 3, 2006." - wikipedia

Origin: Berlin, Germany
Genre(s): Breakcore | Digital hardcore | Hardcore techno | Hardcore punk | Industrial
Years active: 1992 – 2000
Members: Carl Crack | Hanin Elias | Alec Empire | Nic Endo

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