Monday, April 21

Stephen King's Christine [1983]

Din seria "ce filme am mai vazut", o recomandare este filmul lui John Carpenter "Christine" dupa nuvela cu acelasi nume scrisa de Stephen King (foto).
Un film bun, un film ce poarta amprenta ambilor ilustrii autori, un film de vineri seara. Facut pe vremea cand ma nasteam eu (1983), acest film mi-a lasat impresia ca in anii 80 - 90 se faceau adevaratele filme horror, filme care nu aveau nevoie de nush ce efecte speciale, monstrii speciali si asa mai departe, ci doar erau bine jucate, cu un plot bun, poveste frumoasa si imagine buna.
Deci pe scurt - Christine, un film de vazut, de avut, un film la care sa te uiti la un momentdat cu copii si sa zici: "uite tati, asa se faceau filmele pe vremea cand ma nasteam eu."
"Christine was said to be a 1958 Plymouth Fury, which had similar panels and trim to the 1957 model. When the Fury name was introduced, it was essentially a sport and trim package on the Belvedere - notably two doors, gold anodized trim, gold grille and dual four-barrel carburetors. Christine, as shown in the movie, could have been any two door Belvedere with a 318 or 350 engine. Although over 5300 Furys - and far more Belvederes - were built in 1958, they have since become very rare and are now collector's items. There were 13 or 16 (depending on source) Belvederes/Furys smashed in the making of the movie (out of the roughly 25 used during filming), but it is unknown whether they were 1957 or 1958 models, or a combination. In any event, Plymouth enthusiasts were infuriated, although the movie popularized the car and probably saved many of them - in the same way that Back to the Future (1985) did for the DeLorean. In the original Stephen King book, the car had four doors but this was changed to a two-door model when it was realized that there never was a four-door 1958 Plymouth Fury. Although all 1958 Plymouth Furys had Buckskin Beige exterior paint and gold anodized aluminum side trim and grille, the book mentions that this particular car was custom ordered in Ford red." - imdb

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