Thursday, April 24

English & French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a dog breed that originated from a group of English bulldog fanciers who were not interested in dog-fighting. The English artisans, particularly lacemakers, bred a small bulldog that would weigh at least 16 lbs but not more than 28 lbs. As the Industrial Revolution grew in England, the lacemakers and other artisans took their skills (and small dogs) to France, where they could continue to ply their trade. The small bulldog earned quite a following in France, and by the late 1800s they were known as French Bulldogs or Frenchies. When wealthy Americans traveled to Paris, they were very taken with the little Frenchie and imported them to the United States. The breed was first exhibited at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1896.

French Bulldogs are a compact, muscular dog with a smooth coat, snub nose and solid bone structure. Their physical appearance is characterized by naturally occurring 'bat ears' that are wide at the base and rounded on the top. Their tails are naturally short, not cropped, straight or screwed but not curly.
Under the American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club standards, weight is not to exceed 28 pounds (13 kg). In general, bitches range in weight between 16 and 24 pounds, with dogs between 20 and 28 pounds. The FCI does not set a hard and fast weight limit, simply stating 'The weight must not be below 8 kg nor over 14 kg for a bulldog in good condition, size being in proportion with the weight'. - wikipedia

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