Tuesday, April 1

Ninja Guard Duty & Ignis Solus

Filmulet in genul celor de pe litfusefilms (incercati Ignis Solus), fanii Half Life 2 o sa il guste in special :P

De fapt, hai ca am gasit si Ignis Solus :D

"Ignis Solus is latin, and roughly translates to "burn alone." It is a bit of an experiment in improvised machinima, and as far as we can tell, also constitutes the first piece of Team Fortress Two machinima not created by Valve. " litefusefilms
Ignis Solus este filmuletul meu preferat, facut pe baza personajului Pyro din Team Fortress 2. Poate cel mai simpatic personaj din acest minunat joc oferit de Valve.

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