Thursday, April 30

1967 Ford Mustang GT

Pictures made by me today with my SONY DSC - H3 camera.

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Carousel -Cinema 21.9 Philips

I have seen Carousel, a short movie from Philips and I was astonished by it! Check this movie, you will not regret a second of it!

Yoshi photo-session

I have received this Yoshi as a gift from Ancutza for my birthday in Barcelona, Spain.
Today I have made this photo session with my Yoshi. I just love this guy. For those who don't know who is Yoshi, well ... just play Mario, and I bet Yoshi will come to help you.

Pictures made by me today with my SONY DSC - H3 camera.


Yoshi character © Nintendo

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X-Men Origins Wolverine - game of the month on PSP

poster made by me. click on the image to enlarge

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
is an epic action-adventure featuring a true-to-character Wolverine gameplay experience that takes gamers through and beyond the movie's storyline. Set in a variety of vivid real-world locales, the title challenges players to hone their animal instinct as they uncover hidden dangers, hunt and destroy enemies, and take on seemingly insurmountable situations while discovering the truth about Wolverine's tragic past. With razor-sharp adamantium claws unsheathed, the future X-Man enacts lightning-quick combat, evasive maneuvers, in-depth combo attacks, and an array of brutal finishing moves. Wolverine doesn't just deliver massive damage, either – he also takes it, thanks to his mutant regenerative power that heals him in real time right before the player's eyes.

Screens from X-Men Origins Wolverine _____________________

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