Wednesday, December 15

3 flash indie games which are worth your time


play it here

2. "...But That Was [Yesterday]" by Michael Molinari (OneMrBean)

play it here

3. Realm of the Mad God

play it here

Thanks to: David [Phobos]

Mafia Wars - cheers and thanks!

There was a time...
There was a time when I have opened Mafia Wars, daily on my facebook games. Reached about level 400+ ...but oh well, now it's over, I have understood that it's a waste of my time :P . Godd thing this is over, it was fun, a good game but what's enough it's enough. It's been 2 months since I haven't played Mafia Wars :D.

Another funny facebook status update

Traficul de odinioara

Cateva din zonele din Bucuresti, despre care nu mai putem spune ca au un trafic ca odinioara. :)
De nerecunoscut asa-i?

Photo by: Hans Oerlemans

Human vs Robot

EPIC Team Fortress 2 - Facebook profile

Thanks to: Deus

Thursday, December 9

The dog that hasn’t missed a single riot for years

There have been lots of riots and protests from both anarchists and workers in Athens, Greece specially the past few years. One interesting thing is that there is one dog that is spotted at these riots from 2008 till today.

December 12. 2008

December 17. 2008

December 18. 2008

December 22. 2008

It is the same dog on every picture and it is funny how it takes part in riots over several years. It is not sure but it has been guessed that the owner is one of the demontrators.

January 9. 2009

March 4. 2009

May 9. 2009

December 6. 2009

February 24. 2010

March 5. 2010

March 11. 2010

Date unknown

21. April


5. May

Other dogs that likes to be in the spotlight are the dogs that are competing for the title “World’s ugliest dog”.

Thanks to: Emil

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