Tuesday, March 22

Picture of the day

Docking Speaker Nirvana with SoundSphere speakers and Apple AirPlay

What do you get when you cross two of Philips’ most successful products – Fidelio docking speakers and SoundSphere speakers – with Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming technology?

An amazing High-fidelity sound experience with hassle-free access to all your music from iTunes. It doesn’t get much better…

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Designed for sound: curved design of the separate speakers with Philips’ unique free-floating tweeters on top of each speaker delivers sound in all directions for a deeper and wider audio impression with minimized interferences. The result? Impressive, authentic sound.
  • Unleashed for ultimate freedom: Using Apple’s AirPlay, you can seamlessly play music from iTunes, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch over a home Wi-Fi network on your Fidelio SoundSphere speakers – without even docking your device.

This great new combo brings a new sound dimension to gaming, listening to music and watching videos on the iPad. - pulse.philips.com/blog

Helghast soon on the big screen


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Today I have completed the poster for the Hachimaki steam group that I have founded. Also you can see the full-size poster on my deviantart gallery. It was easy because I had the 2 elements that I needed:
PNG from wiki.teamfortress

and a Homefront wallpaper.

Join The Hachimaki ARMY NOW!

Are you the owner of both Homefront and Team Fortress 2?
Are you a good soldier in Team Fortress 2?
Are you a proud owner of a genuine Hero's Hachimaki?


A hachimaki (鉢巻, lit. "helmet-scarf") is a stylized headband in Japanese culture, usually made of red or white cloth. It was worn as a symbol of perseverance or effort by the wearer. Japanese kamikaze pilots in World War II would often wear hachimakis before flying to their deaths.

Friday, March 18

Picture of the day

The ART of archery. works of addichim

I am proud to say that my best friend is addichim - deviantart.com (Adrian Ichim).
For months now, he is telling me to go with him shoot some arrows (to bad I have a passion for guns (airsoft guns)). But let's focus on his works.
Adi is a young artist (like me, but much better), we both finished The University of Fine Arts, him in Iasi, me in Bucharest and finally meet up here in Bucharest for the Master degree.
Adi had a lot of hobbies and he is a very dedicated person when it comes to his hobbies, and this is the case when he has dedicated a lot of time and passion for his archery hobby.
Today I was amazed when I saw his work complete, and I will show you in this post the art he has created.


Archery Bracer

Dragon Quiver

A glimpse of Adi's shooting skill at Traditional Archery Championship - Poiana Brasov - Romania 2010

You can find addichim at:

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