Wednesday, March 25

Playing Dr. Lecter

Tocmai am gasit niste poze din 2005, anul 3 de facultate, facute inainte de Balul Bobocilor (bal mascat), bal la care eu m-am costumat in Hannibal Lecter. Hainele si masca mi le-am facut singur :D. He he .. frumoase vremuri. E ... si daca tot am blog, de ce sa nu le bag aici :P. Hmmm.. oare unde oi fi pus masca aia... aa gata am gasit :D. Masca am folosit-o in acelasi an pentru un obiect ready-made care mi-a folosit la sfarsit de an la facultate. A fost si o expozitie, ba chiar am facut si un stop-motion cu obectul'.. de fapt filmuletul il am pe youtube, si am sa il postez la sfarsitul acestui post.

The use of the mask after:

CG girls

Photo session in close combat


Join the Herd!
Protect your cornfields and lock up your livestock, because FLOCK is here! Pilot a UFO around vibrantly-colored landscapes in this charming sandbox puzzle game where you must herd animal life back to the Motherflocker. Using a powerful physics engine that drives many of the game’s elements, FLOCK features over 50 pastoral puzzles. Pick up wood to form bridges, move boulders to create obstructions, and flatten fields into pathways all to help deliver your herd before time runs out! Flock together with a friend and even create and share your own crazy levels online!

Herd, poke, prod and manipulate cute, cuddly animals that react to each other and their hazardous surroundings

Over 50 levels of pastoral puzzle challenges

2 player local co-op flocking

Level editor allows for custom puzzles to be created, shared and rated

Compelling environments complemented by a whimsical art style, beautiful lighting and distinctive textures makes this one of the most graphically-advanced downloadable titles to date

Real-world physics engine creates all new types of puzzles;

Pick up wood to form bridges, move boulders to create obstructions, and flatten fields into pathways

Lots of fun surprises, secret collectibles and upgrades to find

System Requirements
OS: Windows® Vista / XP / Server 2008
Processor: 2 GHz Pentium 4 (If running with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, the minimum CPU required is a 3.0 Ghz P4 or 2.33 Hz Dual Core equivalent)
Memory: XP: 512 MB minimum, 1 GB recommended; Vista or Server 2008: 1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended
Hard Drive: 128 MB available disk space required
Graphics: Intel GMA 3100
Sound Card:DirectX(R)9.0c compatible
Display: 800x600 minimum resolution, 1280x720 or higher recommended
Input: Windows-compliant keyboard and mouse, Xbox 360® Controller for Windows® recommended


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