Tuesday, November 18

Pucca Tribute



  1. hi there,
    as i can see you have posted one of my pucca+garu designs with the one full of green flowers around. but as far as i can see you didnt mention it neither to me nor to ur blog that if u can put them here and where you get these from. and i think u've to ask permission 1st.
    of course thank you for choosing my design but pls credit to me and where u use it.
    there is so much copycats that i'm so tired to deal with and from here they can access more quickly.
    anyway i wanna mention all of these cuz some of my fans (watchers at Deviantart) warn me about using one of my works in ur blog.
    if you wanna show my art again in ur blog pls contact me via www.stluka.deviantart.com

  2. My post was based on images that I have looked up on google. I see you get easyly ofended.. that's your problem, anyway I have mentioned your name, but since your work is fanart I don't see what is all the fuzz about (the caracters are not your concepts). Sorry if I ofended you, but internet is for everyone, so get use to it! Thanks!


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