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Jack Bauer - tribute [24]

JACK BAUER [Kiefer Sutherland], is Rambo, Terminator, Rocky, John McClane all togheter, so that's why I have deceided to make this tribute. So here it is:

Jack Bauer is the protagonist and anti-hero of the United States television series 24, in which he has trained and worked in various capacities as a government agent, including US Army Delta Force, LAPD SWAT, CIA, and finally the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) Los Angeles. Within the 24 storyline, he is a key member of CTU and is often noted as the best agent CTU has. Bauer's job usually involves him helping prevent major terrorist attacks on the United States, saving both civilian lives and governments. On many occasions Jack does so at great personal expense, as those he thwarts subsequently target him and his loved ones. Actor Kiefer Sutherland portrays Jack Bauer in the television show and video game, and in 2006 signed on for at least three further seasons. Bauer's use of torture during interrogation is often cited as an inspiration for CIA interrogators.- wikipedia

Concept and creation
24 co-creator Joel Surnow commented that they did not have any actors in mind for the part; "We didn't really know who it was. We were casting a lot of people and then we heard Kiefer Sutherland's name and thought, that's Jack Bauer." In 2000, Sutherland was contacted by his friend, director Stephen Hopkins, who was working on the pilot for the experimental real-time TV show and offered him the lead. Initially Sutherland had reservations about playing Bauer, stating, "I thought, 'This is really clever and different, so there's no way they're going to pick it up. But I could use the money, and no one will ever see it'."- wikipedia

Sutherland must produce around 18 hours of film each season, "which is like making 12 movies, so there are going to be mistakes along the way, but I am incredibly surprised by how many things work well as a result of working at that pace."- wikipedia

Sutherland signed a contract to play the role of Bauer for three more seasons for $40 million. Sutherland is also an executive producer of 24. - wikipedia

Jack Bauer was born in Santa Monica, California, on February 18, 1966, to Phillip Bauer, who placed his livelihood in his company, BXJ Technologies. The name of Jack's mother is unknown. Jack had one brother, Graem Bauer. Philip originally planned to give the company to Jack, but as Jack said in Day 6, "I just had to go my own way."

Jack has a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and Arts from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Master's Degree] in Criminology and Law from the University of California at Berkeley. He entered the U.S. Army and eventually joined the elite Delta Force (Among his honors are the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, and the Legion of Merit). He left the Army with the rank of Captain, according to his service record. Following his career in the Army, Jack worked for both the Los Angeles Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics unit and for the Central Intelligence Agency as a case officer in the clandestine service. He was recruited into the Counter-Terrorist Unit (CTU) by Christopher Henderson.- wikipedia

He has demonstrated a high proficiency with firearms, explosives, resistance to interrogation, and the ability to understand Spanish, Russian, and Serbian. - wikipedia

He is also shown to be capable of flying planes (Season 2) and helicopters (Season 3 & 5).- wikipedia

"24 Minutes" is the twenty-first episode of The Simpsons' eighteenth season and was broadcast on May 20, 2007 as part of the one hour season finale, alongside the episode "You Kent Always Say What You Want". It was originally promoted as being the 400th episode, but was broadcast as the 399th. It was written by Ian Maxtone-Graham. Guest stars include Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub as their characters from 24, Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian. It won the 2008 Annie Award. - wikipedia

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