Friday, March 6

5-litres experiment

Is it possible for a man to fill up a 5 litres bottle of his own sperm? How much time would it take? If you think you will be able to reach that goal, go for it!

"The 5-litres experiment is an exciting adventure initiated by a pair of students in Oxford at the end of 2007. In fact it’s a challenge. We called it “experiment” because nobody has ever tried, and maybe (we hope not) it is impossible.

Is it possible to fill up a 5 litres bottle with your own sperm? Most of the students we talked to said “NO”! Or that it would take a whole life
to do it.

We have been worrying about this ridiculous sample of weakness and fear of healthy young men.

We refused to think that in this world there is not even one young person in pijama hidden between the four walls of his room able to spend 3 hours a day on this challenge.

We refuse to believe that there is no man out there on this planet that is able to ejaculate a yogurt on a daily bases.

Because we believe in humanity and because we are sure that the virility has not disappeared we initiated this challenge. A worldwide challenge just for men." -

The rules are simple:

1. Register and request one official 5 litres plastic bottle in this web. That day will be your first day of challenge. From that day on the challenge is in your hands.

2. Send us during the first 6 months a photo of your evolution. In the photo you have to be with the bottle, showing the filled amount.

3. The first person to fill up the bottle wins. Send us the bottle and after verifying that indeed it is sperm, you will be the winner.

The price: The biggest price is the pride to be the greatest stallion in the universe. But still, and so you never forget this 5-litres experiment, the winner will receive 50 L of milk a month for a whole year.

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