Monday, July 21

Sick monsters of rock cut a CD

A SICK rock band formed by a killer and two rapists recorded a single in a studio INSIDE Broadmoor.
Officials even brought in a music teacher to help murderer Rickie Tregaskis cut a CD with sex fiends Lee Porritt and Robert White.
They laid down tracks, as the group Arcana, using state-of-the-art facilities at the secure hospital’s 36million Paddocks wing, home to killers, rapists and paedophiles.
The band got together in the hi-tech unit to compete with rival group The Incurables — made up of sex offenders and fronted by evil rapist Gary Dyer, 42. The scandal of the real-life ‘monsters of rock’ will spark fury at the comfy life of the beasts in Broadmoor’s Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder unit.
A source at the Berkshire hospital said: These individuals were walking around like rock stars.
Most bands on the outside would be desperate to use such equipment. It’s the full works.
Singer Tregaskis, 39, is serving life for kicking a disabled man to death in Cornwall. He got another six-year sentence for slashing Sarah Payne’s killer Roy Whiting with a razor in 2002. Guitarist Porritt, 33, was locked up for ten years in September 2000 after stalking a girl, beating her and then raping her.
And drummer White, 26, is understood to be a rapist.

The DSPD unit houses those thought almost untreatable and incapable of showing remorse.
A Broadmoor source added: "The first Arcana song, Dressed In Lime, was quite mellow — but Rickie and Lee are pagans so they were also singing a lot of death metal and writing their own songs."
The lyrics come from a very dark place and staff were disgusted that they were being encouraged. CDs were being handed out.
The insider added: "Other bands have performed with staff."
A rapist, from The Incurables, was singing Wonderful Tonight on stage with a female therapy assistant dressed in a low-cut top with her midriff showing.
A female Home Office official was a guest of honour at one gig.
A Broadmoor spokesman said: "There are proven clinical benefits to activities that stop patients becoming withdrawn." - original post on
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