Monday, March 14

Locomalito - OldSchool games

The following post is dedicated to old-school gamers. I came across, surfing the web, with an website This is the site of an artist, game designer from Spain, and you will find his works under games section free for download (you can donate for his work). I love his work, and wanted to share this with my readers.
Enjoy the works of Locomalito!

My name is Locomalito, i'm a homebrew game developer with a bedroom as a headquarters and a pixel skull as a flag. I make games for fun, for self-realization and to give the videogame scene some of the altruism it needs.

8 bit Killer


Also you should check this video, it's a project of Locomalito called Viriax

Viriax trailer from Locomalito on Vimeo.

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