Friday, February 4

BEST friends!

Friends: never ask for food
Best Friends: are the reason you have no food

Friends: will say "hello"
Best Friends: will give you a hug and a kiss

Friends: call your parents Mr. and Mrs.
Best Friends: call your parents Mom and Dad

Friends: have never seen you cry
Best Friends: cry with you

Friends: eat at your dinner table and leave
Best Friends: will spend hours talking, laughing and just being together

Friends: know a few things about you
Best Friends: could write a book with direct quotes

Friends: knock on your door
Best Friends: walk right in and say "I'm Home!"

Friends: are for a while
Best Friends: are for life

Friends: will ignore this
Best Friends: will laugh hard, saying how true this is!


  1. Yes indeed: how true!

  2. :) nice and so true. Tot ce mai lipseste e o poza cu Heavy si Doctor :P poate la urmatorul ...

  3. It's true!
    I'm new at blog. I like yours!


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