Wednesday, February 23

Batman - Arkham City

After I have finished Batman Arkham Asylum, the most wanted and expected tile is the upcoming Batman - Arkham City [Batman Arkham Asylum2]. In my opinion, Batman Arkham Asylum it's all that a true Batman fan ever wanted from a Batman game: atmosphere, great acting, outstanding visuals, dark surroundings, magnificent soundtrack and a Batman that YOU control and could be a death weapon or a silent predator.
I can only hope that Batman - Arkham City will be twice the Arkham Asylum, and with the screenshots that you will see (you can see all of them at high resolution at and the 2 trailers/ teasers I am confident that my words will become reality.

Trailers/ teasers of Batman - Arkham City:

Screenshots via

Batman - Arkham City release Date: September 30, 2011
..... until then I will leave you with Joker's last Laugh from Tim Burton's Batman:

official site/ Batman - Arkham City - Arkham City

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