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George A. Romero's The Crazies - 2010

The Crazies: cu toata convingerea o spun - peste 10 ani va fi un clasic cu siguranta. Deja l-am vazut a doua oara luna aceasta si avand in vedere ca mai e o luna pana in mai, este posibil sa vreau sa il mai vad inca odata pana la sfarsitul lunii.
De ce? Pur si simplu pentru faptul ca este un film in care se cunoaste mana lui George A. Romero, si cu asta am cam zis tot.
Il recomand, e de vazut si avut in colectie. In cele ce urmeaza sunt asa: print-uri, afise, screenshots, trailer si un review in engleza. Enjoy and don't miss this!

The Crazies
is a remake of George Romero’s 1973 cult classic about a small town infected by a mysterious virus that turns people into crazed killers with splotchy faces. It’s that rare case of the remake being better than the original.

Director Breck Eisner, working from a script by Scott Kosar and Ray Wright, delivers a brisk, tense horror film that enhances Romero’s work with state-of-the-art makeup, evocative cinematography of the barren Iowa landscape and crisp lead performances by Timothy Olyphant as the local sheriff and Radha Mitchell as his pregnant wife/town doctor.

Film fans have been bombarded with horror remakes in recent years.
Some have been good, such as The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And some not so good, including The Last House On The Left.
But I’m happy to report the latest offering, The Crazies, is far and away the best of the bunch.
I first saw the original 1973 movie, made by horror king George A. Romero, as a teenager when it was shown on BBC TV late one night.
I remember being scared stiff by the tale of a town gone crazy due to a deadly virus.
Now you can experience the same chilling thrills as the inhabitants of Ogden Marsh descend into madness. Once the Iowa town was full of happy, law-abiding citizens. But one night, one of them arrives at a school baseball game with a loaded shotgun, ready to kill…read more []



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