Friday, July 3

Gavin Hargest - illustrations

Gavin Hargest - this artist amazed me with his graphic style. The first of his works that I have seen was actually one of his fanarts for one of Team Fortress 2's characters -PYRO. (I will make a separate post with his works on this theme). So much with the words, I will let you enjoy his works, but first let's meet the artist Gavin Hargest (as he describes himself on deviantART):

Devious Info
Favourite band or musician: Jesper Kyd
Favourite style of art: Gritty, Dark
Favourite game: Okami, Metroid Prime, SotC, Outcast
Favourite gaming platform: PC - Steam ID - GAVade
Personal Quote: Gav's Righteous Intellectual Trademark
Tools of the Trade: Pencil, Ink, Paint, Photoshop 7, Painter X


Executioner's Prowl

This is a collaboration with beloved-creature
(there will be a post on my blog about him to)


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