Wednesday, June 17

Blackstar 1981 - oldies but goldies

BLACKSTAR - one of my favourite childhood series, beside Saber Rider and Pirates of The Dark Water.

Aired: 1981 - 1982
Show Type: Animated
Country of Origin: US

John Blackstar, an intergalactic soldier of fortune, is sucked in by a black hole and into a distant part of our universe. He finds himself stranded on the planet Sagar, where the Overlord of the underworld is swallowing the planet and inslaving its inhabitants using the Powerstar. The Powerstar was divided into two pieces by the force that pulled Blackstar into this world. One piece is the Star Sword; The other is the Power Sword. Blackstar now assists the Trobbits, Mara, Storm, Klone and Warlock in their battle against the Overlord. There are only 13 epsiodes of this show. the listing will be showing up and tell about them all. If needed to know more head to There you get all the listing of the show.




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