Thursday, December 4

.. it was the time of the Samurai

"Mountain and river, grass and tree, grow more barren;

for ten miles winds smell of blood in the fresh battlefield.
Conquering horses do not advance nor do men talk;
outside Jinzhou Castle, I stand in the setting sun.

Emperor's army, a million, conquered the powerful foe;
field battles and fort assaults made mountains of corpses.
Ashamed - how can I face there fathers, grandfathers?
We triumph today?

Nogi Maresuke

Taira no Tadanori (1144-1184)

"Sazanami ya Shiga no miyako wa arenishi o
mukashi nagara no yama-zakura kana"

"In Shiga capital; rippling waves have turned wild
but mountain cherries remain as of old."

"I could not return, I presume,
So I will keep my name
Among those who are dead with bows."

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