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The Residents - Gingerbread Man

Va propun aceasta piesa de capatai pentru aceasta mohorata zi de joi. O sa va faca mare placere sa o ascultati sau sa o reascultati, si sa consideram asta ca o revenire de-a mea in forta pe propriu-mi blog.

The Residents - Gingerbread Man

The Residents - Gingerbread Man (audio)

The Residents is an American avant-garde music and visual arts collective who have created over sixty albums, created numerous musical short films, designed three CD-ROM projects and ten DVDs, and undertaken six major world tours. Throughout their career, spanning nearly four decades, they have maintained complete anonymity. All public relations, interviews and promotions are handled by their spokesgroup, The Cryptic Corporation.

Because of the band's wish to preserve anonymity, it is difficult if not impossible to compile a history that is complete and accurate as far as hard facts are concerned. This, together with the obscure nature of the band, makes The Residents' history more a question of lore than biography. The facts that do exist are primarily their recordings and shows, but of the process that led to the creation of them knowledge and fact is scarce. Therefore the history of the band as it is portrayed in this article is based on what is known, not what is necessarily true, and it should be judged with that in mind. The only reliable sources are their albums, shows and products; all else is either speculation, lore among fans or information (or disinformation) from The Cryptic Corporation.

The Residents supposedly hail from Shreveport, Louisiana, where they met in high school in the 1960s. In 1966, members headed west to San Francisco, California. After their truck broke down in San Mateo, they decided to remain there. Like all information pertaining to the early days of the band, this is provided by The Cryptic Corporation and may or may not be invented.

While attempting to make a living, they began to experiment with tape machines, photography, and anything remotely to do with "art" that they could get their hands on. Word of their experimentation spread and in 1969, a British guitarist and multi-instrumentalist named Philip Lithman and the mysterious N. Senada (whom Lithman had picked up in Bavaria where the aged avant-gardist was recording birds singing) paid them a visit, and decided to remain.

The two Europeans would become great influences on the band. Lithman's guitar playing technique earned him the nickname Snakefinger, a nickname he got after his frantic playing on the violin during the performance with The Residents at The Boarding House in San Francisco 1971, where his fingers' speed made them look like snakes in the eyes of the less-musically proficient but imaginative Residents. It is also stated that one of The Residents took a snapshot of Lithman's fingers, during which they resembled the insignia of the hammer and sickle, earning him the nickname Comradefinger, a nickname which did not prevail.

The group purchased crude recording equipment and instruments and began to make tapes, refusing to let an almost complete lack of musical proficiency stand in the way. - wikipedia

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