Monday, September 15

Jim Carrey - Let's have some fun!

And I know just the man - Jim Carrey!

Jim Carrey on the Late Show! (2000)


Jim Carrey is Jim Morrison

Jim Carrey is Rocky Balboa

"James Eugene Redmond "Jim" Carrey (born January 17, 1962) is a Canadian-American film actor and comedian. He is known for his manic, slapstick performances in comedy films such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective; Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls; The Mask; Dumb and Dumber; Me, Myself & Irene; Fun with Dick and Jane; The Cable Guy; Liar Liar; Bruce Almighty; and Batman Forever. Carrey has also achieved critical success in dramatic roles in films such as The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He also provides the voice for Horton in the animated feature film Horton Hears a Who!, released March 14, 2008. The film was his first animated feature role. He has won two Golden Globe Awards." - wikipedia

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