Friday, August 1

go!Cam PSP

Niciodata sa nu te indoiesti de amploarea gadget-urilor scoase de catre cei de la SONY. Tocmai mi-am cumparat pentru PSP, un go!cam si sunt foarte incantat de aceasta jucarica. Nu zic mai multe, ci am sa va las in compania primei probe cu go!cam si spotul de lansare. De asemena pentru cei pasionati de animatie flash si nu numai, recomand acest link -

Guess what gamers, now you can keep in touch with your buddies via Go!Messenger, the new wireless communication package for PSP. Best of all it is free and you can use it via any wireless broadband internet connection. Go!Messenger allows gamers to video, voice and instant message each other from anywhere in the world and when connected to a Go!Cam, the attachable video camera and microphone for the PSP, users also have the ability to make video calls to their friends and leave fun video and voice messages or irate ones, whichever you prefer.Go!Messenger has been developed in partnership with BT, allowing users to connect to wireless broadband at over 2,500 BT Openzone hotspots and in and around city centers. Users will have the freedom of a mobile phone except that through Go! Messenger all calls to other users are free.

“With Go!Messenger, the PSP is pushing new boundaries, adding unique communication features to all the existing multimedia experiences,” said Stephane Hareau, PSP European Marketing Manager. “Enabling more than 8.5 Million PSP users across the SCEE region to communicate with each other, through Video or Voice chat, truly confirms the always evolving nature and potential of PSP.”

Warren Buckley, BT Group Director Mobility & Convergence said, “By working with PlayStation, BT is helping to consolidate PSP as a communications and entertainment device that will sit at the heart of a PSP user’s digital lifestyle. For the first time, the PSP community can stay constantly connected through voice and video chat and instant messaging both in and out of the home. We believe that this exciting development will only help SCEE to attract even more customers for the PSP.”

How cool is that? When you are playing with a buddy on your PSPs and they frag you into oblivion, you can always sent a video of you flipping them the bird afterwards.

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