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Valve Announced DotA 2, Coming in 2011

Yesterday, the rumor about Valve's working on DotA 2 was finally confirmed on Gameinformer. Icefrog, who had maintained and updated DotA in the past few years, was hired by Valve in 2009 and now Valve's helping the genius to make DotA 2. DotA 2 will come out next year on PC and Mac with a massive update that hasn't been revealed. But Gameinformer played it, and "it's already amazing."
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DotA 2 will contain the full roster of 100 heroes from DotA Allstars. Since Valve involves in the game, it will use Valve's Source engine but "will be instantly familiar to any DotA player" since it will retain DotA's cartoony graphic as much as possible. Besides, the developer will make the shapes and animations of each hero more distinct and identical so that you can identify any hero quickly.

Another improvement you will see is the upgraded AI bots which will replace the disconnected players and be available in unranked training matches. But Valve won't make a single-player campaign for you and of course you won't feel it's necessary to have one.

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By logging in as a coach, veteran players can do their part to help out newer folks. Valve hasn't entirely decided on the specifics of how newbies and coaches will be matched up, but once they're together a few things happen.

Of course, the pupil will be able to rate the coach's helpfulness. If the overwhelming response to achievements is any indication, vanity rewards like these will be extremely effective in channeling the community's energies toward positive contributions.
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