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Starcraft 2 - Tychus Findlay Armor Spade Girl TAG

UPDATED PICTURE (thanks to Anonymous)

I am the proud owner of Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty, and since I am playing Starcraft from the begining, I couldn't notice the big fuzz about Tychus Findlay's Armor Spade Girl TAG.
Well here it is, at the best quality yet on the internet :)) [click on the mage to see the larger version]

The guys at Blizzard are quiet and they don't share a HQ artwork with this tag... so... we will wait n_n.

Some things about Tychus Findlay via starcraft wiki:

"Hell, it's about time!" - Tychus Findlay(src)

Tychus J. Findlay was a terran marine with a larcenous attitude. He was an old friend of Jim Raynor.

Tychus Findlay found Jim Raynor again in Joeyray's Bar on Mar Sara. The rebel was surprised to see his old friend out of prison. Findlay offered to act as a middle man set up a business deal between the formerly legitimate Möebius Foundation and Raynor's Raiders. The Foundation was willing to pay handsomely for any alien artifacts recovered by the Raiders. As the Terran Dominion had outlawed all trade in alien artifacts and made efforts to procure them for themselves, this meant fighting and stealing from the Dominion. Raynor agreed and after some wrangling allowed Findlay to have 30% of the proceeds. Findlay's deal with Mengsk remained a secret from Raynor.

The first artifact found was stolen from a Dominion dig site on Mar Sara. Findlay and the Raiders fled the world aboard Hyperion when the zerg invaded, sparking the Second Great War. From the outset, Raynor's second in command, Matt Horner, became suspicious and antagonistic towards Findlay. Regardless, Findlay directed the Raiders to another artifact on Monlyth, located in a protoss shrine guarded by the Tal'darim. Afterwards, Findlay hacked into ships databases to research his target, Infested Kerrigan. The ex-convict was unaware of the Queen of Blades' personal relationship with Raynor. The unauthorized access was discovered by Horner. Horner tolerated Findlay as Raynor continued to vouch for his old friend.

In general, Findlay was more concerned with amassing credits than assisting the besieged Koprulu Sector. He thought it best if Raynor was less concerned with the Terran Dominion. He pushed Raynor towards cutting corners and acting like a pirate.Still, he did help the Raiders capture the Odin from the Dominion and piloted it in their mission to seize UNN Studios.

Eventually, payday arrived. However, instead of meeting the Foundation at the given co-ordinates, the Raiders were confronted by Dominion Minotaur-class battlecruisers, led by Mengsk's flagship, the Bucephalus. Findlay boarded it with Raynor, the pair fighting their way through it. However, it wasn't Emperor Mengsk aboard, but his son, Prince Valerian. He was the one behind the Foundation, having sent the Raiders to retrieve the components of a xel'naga device that could de-infest Kerrigan.

When Raynor agreed to partner up with Valerian to assault Char, a drunken Findlay accused Raynor of being a coward to Rory Swann and fellow crew members inside the Hyperion's cantina. Swann defended Raynor, which caused Findley to go in a rage, lifting Swann into the air. Raynor stepped in and the two had a brief fight, Findlay throwing various objects at Raynor, which the commander all evaded. Findlay was defeated when Raynor electrocuted him with a displaced cable. The crew regained their faith in their commander and Findlay was left to clear up the damage.

On Char itself, Findlay and Raynor arrived in time to save a wounded Warfield when zerg overran his position. He stayed in Raynor's command group, keeping the zerg at bay with a gun turret in the "biggest turkey shoot in the galaxy".As the battle for Char progressed, Findlay suggested the Raiders target the nydus worms while Dominion General Horace Warfield preferred to strike a blow against enemy air support.

The Dominion finished assembling the artifact and presented it to Raynor. Findlay was not keen on putting his faith in such an unproven device.Regardless, the device worked, defeating the zerg assaulting their position.
Findlay attempts to fulfil the bargain with Arcturus Mengsk.

Raynor, Findlay, and a team of marines advanced into the area cleared of the zerg and discovered a deinfested Sarah Kerrigan. With Arcturus Mengsk observing remotely through his suit, Findlay at last had his chance to kill Kerrigan and regain his freedom. The ex-convict finally revealed to his old friend of his debt to Mengsk and his true mission. Raynor shielded Kerrigan from the would-be executioner's bullet, before turning and shooting Findlay with his revolver.


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