Friday, October 30

Team Fortress 2 - Halloween Special

This Halloween, Team Fortress 2 bringed us something, verry special: a new map, 5 new special-achievements, and two great hats :D (I have them!) Damn, this game is so fun, and now it's scarry and funny aswell.

"Welcome, if you dare, to the first ever Team Fortress Haunted Halloween Special! Five new update-specific achievements will unlock the Mildly Disturbing Halloween Hats—moldering, eldritch veils of such manifold depravity, the human eye will not process the sheer enormity of their malevolence, and out of self-preservation will merely show you paper bags with faces on them. These faces are still moderately scary, though, so brace yourselves for mild terror! [sound of bat wings]"

"Right now you’re doubtlessly thinking, “Please, Team Fortress, stop scaring me!” Okay, we’ll stop righhhhhht … [sound of a skeleton] Ha ha! The scaring will continue! Prepare yourself for a new KOTH map called Harvest—created by Sean "Heyo" Cutino, crammed to bursting with horror by us, and LOOK OUT DRACULA IS BEHIND YOU! [sound of a creaking door] Ha ha ha! If you scare that easily, this map will kill you."

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