Wednesday, September 9

Audi reignites electric car

"We've been hearing internet chatter that Audi might have something electric up its sleeves for the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month, and the German automaker has just thrown a bunch of fuel on those flames in the form of a new micro-site called

Naturally, details are in decidedly short supply, but Audi has put up a countdown clock that's set to go off on September 15th. Not coincidentally, that's the first day for media previews in Frankfurt. Yes, we'll be there with digital SLRs in hand and internet connections at the ready.

We really can't say if Audi's planning to show off an electric version of its awesome R8, but that's got to be the most likely candidate as its been constant rumormill material (though reportedly denied by Audi) for at least the last few months. It also seems to go along with the overall theme of the site, which focuses in on the power made possible by electric drivetrains." -






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