Monday, January 26

The Prodigy - Invaders must die 2009

So it's true, The Prodigy will be back on the "stage" with a brand new sound on their latest album - "INVADERS MUST DIE" (IMD), announced to be released by the end of february 2009.
The single OMEN it was for me a revelation, the sound that The Prodigy started with it's comming back, and I think it is a verry good thing. So .. keep your love for The Prodigy as I do and enjoy their new release.

Thanks to: Petru

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  1. whooo-hoo!!!
    si sa mai treaca pe la Bucuresti, ca tare bine a fost in 2007!!!

  2. ooo da! Concertul de la Sibiu a fost bestial, ce frig, ce revelion ... The Prodigy!

  3. What a album......Prodigy back to their very best


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