Friday, October 17

MAX PAYNE - The movie

At first it was a game ...
his name was

... then one day ... it revealed itself:
MAX PAINE - the movie

" Another year, another film adaptation of a video-game. I walked in the cinema with very low expectations, but surprisingly I walked out satisfied, if not groaning. Max Payne, while still not reaching the artistic heights that video-game movies have yet to achieve, is a decent potboiler and a good way to waste one and a half hours of your time.

Marky Mark is watchable as Payne. Here, the filmmakers decided to focus on characterization more than the game itself, making the film more noir-ish than stylized. Still trying to bulk up his action hero resume, here Wahlberg somehow slightly drags along for the ride, though in some scenes his acting is good. But definitely a step down after the great "Shooter".

The action sequences are well-shot. They satisfy any action fan's hunger. The angelic/demonic hallucinations during action scenes are pivotal, and are arguably the best things in the film. Beautiful in an artistic sense, yet strangely what is something this artistic doing in a supposedly mindless action film? Nevertheless the film's look and atmosphere are nicely done, as per the music score by Marco Beltrami. And let's not forget Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, sex bomb... I mean, eye candy of the year." - imdb

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